How is a visit to Almería Chiropractic?

3 steps to achieve the best results

Before starting the process, all patients who come to our center complete three basic steps that ensure we know exactly the problem to be treated and how to address it.

In addition, we provide you with as much information as possible so that you understand how Chiropractic will help you. Our priority goes beyond performing a series of techniques to help alleviate your discomfort: We want you to be part of the Chiropractic process to achieve the best results.

1In-depth analysis.

This analysis begins with a personal interview to evaluate the main complaint and the medical history. In addition, our Chiropractors perform multiple orthopedic, neurological, postural, spinal, and palpation tests, among others.

2Results delivery

In a second consultation with the chiropractors, a complete report with tests results is given, with a proposal for a care plan and a budget. From this day, we can begin to help you as a patient.

3Informative talk.

On Wednesdays at 19.30, we have scheduled some educational talks about health, Chiropractic, and how we work in our center. Patients who request information can attend accompanied if they wish.

The experience of our chiropractors at your service

Almería Quiropráctica is a center where you will be assisted only by qualified professionals. Through our knowledge and our hands, we can jointly improve your general health and your quality of life.

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